At Lori Books, our mission is to empower and support everyone to explore and reveal their sensuality in front of the camera, as there’s no boundary when it comes to the human body’s raw beauty.

Our custom-made photo albums serve as timeless reminders of the beauty and power you possess. Of course, they can play the role of sensual gifts to celebrate your unique connection with your significant other.

You’re the best gift in someone’s life. Our personalized boudoir albums come next.

Cover Styles

Our cover style options are handmade from supple leather to ensure a premium and elegant feel to your stunning photo selection.

Flap Collection

from $139.99
The flap style collection is designed to make the viewers feel like they’re unraveling a precious secret, as the opening enhances the mystery touch.

The soft leather with a subtle vintage feel completes the elegant look, along with the neutral palette you can choose from.

Square Collection

from $99.99
The square style collection encapsulates designs on the minimalist side, providing you with leather and textile options.

In what regards the color palette, you can choose from neutral tones to vibrant red, depending on your specific preference.

Album Types

Our album types are meant to provide you with two options, depending on your preference.

Printed Albums

If you opt for a printed album, you get a stunning book ready to be offered as a gift or gain its place of honor in your home.

Our experienced curators combine your photographs to craft a visual story that will leave the viewer mesmerized.

Empty Albums

The empty album option is ideal for those who love to add their creative input in everything they do.

You get to fill the blank canvases with your photographs and combine them as you please in order to craft your own visual narrative.

Our Process for Printed Albums

Simple as it gets
Step 1
Choose the album size, cover colour and text.
Step 2
Upload your photos and complete the payment process.
Step 3
Within 72 hours you will receive a link where you can review the design layout.
Step 4
Repeat Step 3 until you're happy with the result.
Step 5
It takes us 2-3 days to make the album after the design is approved.
Step 6
We ship the album and provide the tracking number.

Album Details

We use a variety of techniques to breathe personality into our albums


Just like every human body is unique, so are our customized boudoir albums made to celebrate our individuality. Each and every album is carefully handcrafted by our skilled artisans, using exclusively premium materials.


Through debossing, we create recessed relief images and designs in paper, leather, and any other material to add depth to your custom-made album’s design. If it’s meant to be a gift to celebrate a special occasion, debossing will make the moment even more memorable by adding a lovely personal touch.

Vellum Page

We mix vellum papers with thick pages, as they add an irresistible touch of daintiness when combined with hard materials. You can imprint a special message, quote or lyrics of your choice or pick one (or more) from our suggestions.


Our boudoir albums are crafted to unfold as a compelling visual story in front of the eager viewer. We make the best out of every little detail, always.

Print Quality

We print on premium Fuji photographic paper, designed exclusively for high-quality prints that require intense colors. It renders smooth gradients, giving images a stunning vibrance on lighter tones. We put two formats at your disposal: square and landscape with two size options for each format.

Lay Flat Technology

Just like a good story shouldn’t be interrupted, our binding technology ensures that the viewer will be absorbed by the sequence of images, without any distraction spoiling the charm. The binding tech ensures there’s no gap between pages, being the perfect option for showcasing impressive panoramic spreads without disruption.

Thick Pages

We fuse the printed images onto a hard and heavyweight board core. The robust core doesn’t bend or curl, giving your album a luxury feel while ensuring quality that passes the test of time.

Estimate arrival time

Our team members do their best to make sure your album gets to you promptly
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Handcrafted for you

A project that supports and empowers women
We take pride in working exclusively with wonderful and skilled female artisans that have mastered the art of processing leather and turning raw, ethically-sourced materials into works of art.

We aim to provide you with the antidote to buying mass-produced products that lack personality and individuality while celebrating and supporting the artistic community at all levels.


Because we care
While we love the elegance and the feel of leather, we prioritize sustainability and aim to provide our customers with an eco-conscious alternative.

Therefore, we encourage you to opt for eco-leather for your albums, as it perfectly mimics the texture and conditions of natural leather while minimizing the environmental impact. However, if you are keen on choosing natural leather, we offer the option as a byproduct.

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